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When life gives you 100 degree weather, melt wax.

The one good thing about the hot and dry weather here in Austin is the ease of melting wax in my homemade solar wax melter. It doesn’t hold a lot of wax, but with every day being hot and sunny, I can process a lot of small batches. Here is the before shot.

Wax in Solar Wax Melter

If you want to review how I made this contraption, check out this previous post.

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Solar Wax Melter

One thing we have an abundance of here in Austin in the summer is plenty of sunshine and hot days. After my two honey harvests, I had a bunch of unprocessed wax sitting in the freezer, and what better way to get it melted down than to use the power of the Texas sun (which is actually bigger than anywhere else in the world). There are plenty of plans on making a solar wax melter out on the internets, but they seemed a lot more complicated than I wanted to deal with. Luckily, Linda’s Bee Blog had a suggestion for those living in the hot southern climates of the U.S. which is to simply use a cheap styrofoam cooler with a piece of clear glass on top to melt your wax. Beeswax melts at around 145 degrees and with average daily temps between 95 and 100, it doesn’t take a lot to get an enclosed space hot enough to melt your wax. So here is a quick video I put together today to walk you through the process.

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