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BeeCam 5000 Mark II

The BeeCam 5000 is back online. The Mark I model only lasted a bit over 3 days with the original battery and solar panel configuation. I had my top scientists work on the problem (thanks Matt!), and after a redesign with a deep cycle battery, it has been redeployed into the field.

BeeCam 5000 Mark II

So I’ll finally be able to check the bees in the evening with the cooler weather and see if they are still clustering outside the hive.

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Cooler Weather Test

A cold front came through today bringing some random rain showers and much cooler temperatures. I’ll be very interested to see if the bearding on the hive is reduced this evening.

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My Poor Hot Bees

With temperatures hitting up to 105 degrees in the city, even the girls are complaining about the heat. Everything I’ve read seems to indicate it is just too hot for all of them to be in the hive at night. I’ve ordered a screened inner cover to help with ventilation, but it may not get here before the weekend.

My Poor Hot Bees

There is good news on the horizon as the temperatures are predicted to break by Friday and the highs should be back in the low 90’s. Rain is also a possibility which would be great as Austin is looking a bit dried out after two weeks of hot and dry weather.

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It’s 11:00 p.m. Do you know where your bees are?

Apparently, mine are all hanging outside the hive.

BeeCam Shot at 11:00pm

I always just assumed that all the bees went inside the hive at night leaving just a few guard bees at the entrance. Since the temps here are hitting 100+ each day, my best guess is the hive is still too warm for all the girls in the evening. Maybe I need to set the alarm for 3:00 a.m. to see if they are still outside, or if they all finally go inside.


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BeeCam 5000

The BeeCam 5000 will soon be the industry standard in portable yet functional webcam technology for the urban beekeeper of tomorrow. This solar powered beauty eliminates the need for those messy power cords, and uses the power of your wireless internets to stream video 24/7. The infrared camera will allow you to monitor your bees at night as well as capture any night time critters that may be bothering your hive. Developed by my friend Matt, I predict that every beekeeper will soon be installing this baby in their bee yards.

BeeCam 5000 Mark I

Until I can figure out how to embed the video feed directly into my blog, you can click here for live bee action!

Edit: This link may not work for those folks out there using IE.

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Giant Bees!

This is pretty awesome, and I’m continued to be amazed on how much more there is still to learn about these amazing creatures.

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Final Bee Attack Update

Here’s a link to what is most likely the last news article and video about the bee attack in Austin. It looks like Willard is out of intensive care, and bee keepers have come in and removed the hives.

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