Mystery Honey Solved

While I have yet to receive the formal report, I did get an e-mail from Dr. Vaughn Bryant confirming my suspicion that the thick woody smelling honey I pulled off two of my hives was in fact honeydew honey.

Here is the text from his e-mail:

I did complete the pollen study. It does not contain any pollen but it does contain lots of honeydew elements and thus, it is what you suspected….a honeydew sample. I was going to take some pictures of the fungal spores in the honeydew and send them to you. However, I was at West Point Military Academy lecturing last week and just returned.

I’ll post a follow up when I get the official results, but it is at least nice to know the girls aren’t dumpster diving for food.


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4 responses to “Mystery Honey Solved

  1. Interesting! It’s considered a delicacy in some parts of Europe.

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  3. New Zealand’s southern beech honeydew honey is loved in our place, but we don’t produce any here in Australia. I approach like it just isn’t honey in the normal sense and taste it on its own merits. It is earthy, sappy, minerally and with a fruity tang that has hint of fermentation about it. If floral honey were white wine, beech honeydew would be sherry. Maybe you have a surprise delicacy too… or it could just be rank recycled aphid piss… Good luck.

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