Keeping Bees in Towns & Cities

Luke Dixon is a London beekeeper whose new book Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities was just published.

In addition to giving the basics on starting a hive, he talked to 23 other beekeepers around the world about their experiences and added it to his book. I was one of the lucky ones he picked so if you buy a copy or see it in your local book store, open it up to page 148 to see my smiling face. I guess now I can just sit back and wait for the movie offers to come rolling in.


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3 responses to “Keeping Bees in Towns & Cities

  1. I was thinking about buying this book already and now that I know you’re in it I’ll definitely have to get it! Do you know how he found you, was it through this blog?

  2. Charlton Estate Trust

    I am coming to the conclusion that keeping bees in urban/suburban places is the best place for them.

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