Sunshine Community Garden Site Prep

In a few short weeks, I’ll be starting a hive at the Sunshine Community Garden in central Austin.


The hive is going to be behind the garden’s offices and away from the main planting areas.


The first step was to weed and remove brush from the area.


I then put down a layer of decomposed granite to create a level base. Here’s a shot of me using my amazing upper body strength to tamp a level surface.


I’m using two cinder blocks as a hive stand. You can see that my B.S in Architectural Engineering is finally paying off as I level them.


After getting the site prepared, a wander around the gardens makes me think the girls will be very happy here.





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6 responses to “Sunshine Community Garden Site Prep

  1. Talking With Bees

    You have done an amazing job, great eye for detail and I LOVE the flowers.

    I have just started my own beekeeping blog -Talking With Bees – about how I am “regaining my sanity through beekeeping”.

    I have just reviewed a new type of beehive in the UK called a beehaus. It may be of interest, especially to backyard, urban beekeepers:

    • Thanks. I actually looked at the Beehaus a few years ago and it is horribly expensive in the US. Almost $1000 with shipping for one. Most US beekeeping companies have beginner kits starting at $200.

      They certainly look cool though.

      • Talking With Bees

        Even standard beehives are expensive in th UK and they need a lot of extras. I did a cost comparison on my beehaus review page and the beehaus came out cheaper. Beehives need some innovation I think, including on their price.

  2. Will Wassdorf

    I keep a hive just a few short blocks away from Sunshine. I’d be interested in stopping by and seeing your setup sometime you are over there and chatting about keeping bees in Austin.

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