I think my suit is actually -5 against bees

After 4 solid days of wet cold weather in Austin, the sky opened up Sunday afternoon to clear blue skies and sun. I took the opportunity to check in on Knives’ hive as there is the potential for more wet weather later in the week.

The girls were very cranky which I’m hoping was due to them being cooped up in the hive for most of the week. Nowhere near as bad as Marge’s hive (who has set the bar incredibly high), but hotter than they were the previous weekend.

I got stung on my neck again in pretty much the same place as a few weeks ago. At least this time, it was just one instead of the 3-4 I got last time. I really feel that my suit and more specifically, my veil, is just not cutting it. I originally opted to go with a zipper suit and veil seen below as I thought it would be cooler in the summer as well as offering better peripheral vision.

Smoking Myself

However, I’m finding that the veil tends to bunch up in odd ways which tends to trap bees. It will also not always stay flared out so during an inspection so the veil will sometimes be right up against parts of my neck and hence the stinging.

I’ve decided to purchase one of the Ultra Breeze Suits. Several folks in Austin highly recommend them for being cool even in the summer and very sting proof. I’m hopeful it will arrive before my next inspection so I can put it through the paces.


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6 responses to “I think my suit is actually -5 against bees

  1. Dan

    Make sure you check out Golden Bee. Both are good and recommended. You might find one that works better for you.



    • Thanks for the Golden Bee link although their suit looks like the first proto-type Iron Man suit 🙂 My ultra breeze got shipped yesterday and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Oh no! I have the exact same suit. So far so good. I keep my suit collar “Elvis’d” up so they can’t touch my neck. But I am very interested in what might be cooler in summer. Have you gotten any stings through your gloves? I can’t tell if what I got this weekend was a sting-through or a fire ant that crawled into my glove somehow. It was very slight.

    • I think I have been stung through my gloves once or twice, but nothing for sure. I think the stinger may be able to get through the leather but just barely so the barb can’t get into your skin.

  3. Susan kittleson

    Any feedback on the ultra breeze? I’m going to buy a suit and I want to make sure it is good for both heat and sting protection.

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