Vegan Style!

Knives’ hive is busting at the seams so I decided to add the 3rd evil ex super to the hive today. In addition to the Ramona Commemorative super, this will be the 4th super overall. I wanted at least four filled out supers before winter to feel good about their chances making it through until next spring.

Added Super #4 (Vegan Style!) to Knives's hive

Brenna got some really nice shots of eggs and larvae in various states of development which is one of the reasons for the additional super.

Eggs and developing brood in Knives's hive

I’ll continue to feed the hive for the time being until we get some rain. It is starting to look promising with some rain falling in Austin this weekend and cooler temperatures on the way.

Feeding Knives some cheap honey to help her through the drought.

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