Fantastic Mr. Fox

While I was suiting up to inspect Knives, a family of four foxes wandered up to the fence line of Baab-Brock farms. This area is known for its fox population even though it is within walking distance of downtown.

We only managed to capture one of the four on film. Here it is admiring the ink work on Knives’ hive.

Fox and Knives

Here is a closer shot.

Fox at the bee yard

I really wish we could have snapped a photo of the baby foxes, but they were hiding in the brush, and we couldn’t get a good shot. They were awfully cute though.


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2 responses to “Fantastic Mr. Fox

  1. The Texas Grey fox is one of my favorite predators. We do have a problem with them and rabies in this part of the State. Right now due to the drought we are seeing a lot of them out in daylight hours as they can not find enought to eat during the night which is when they normally hunt. We have been putting out dog food for a family of greys at our place to help them make it through the drought. ET
    Wild Ed’s Texas Outdoors

  2. Never knew foxes could carry rabies, but good to know. We’ll be on the look out for any Cujo-foxes.

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