Close Encounters of the Bee Kind

We got some really nice macro shots of Ramona’s hive today. For some reason, Ramona’s hive loves pollen more than I ever found in Marge’s hive. She seriously has several frames full of the stuff. It is very colorful, and I would love to know the source of all the different colors.

Pollen in Frames

Here is a nice shot of some capped brood with not one, but two “newbees” emerging!

Brood with two new bees emerging

Since I have been neglecting Marge’s hive in my recent posts, we will most likely be doing a honey harvest from her hive next weekend. Even with the drought, she is kicking ass and making honey. We now have almost 3 supers full of the stuff so we will be taking one off next week so I don’t have to get on a ladder to inspect her hive.

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  1. Pretty photos! I always feel sorry for the emerging new bees because their sisters keep walking on their heads, which is just rude.

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