Ramona likes to mix it up

Now that I have two hives, it is interesting to see how each one has its own personality and quirks. Like most first borns, Marge is very organized and responsible. Most of her frames were dedicated to one purpose be it brood, honey, or pollen. As the second born, Ramona is more of a free spirit and not so orderly. Take the frame below which is a combination of pollen, brood and honey.

Frame of Pollen, Brood, and Honey

Frame of Pollen, Brood, and Honey

A good majority of her frames are like this although she does have 2-3 dedicated completely to brood. If she didn’t have those, I’d be a little worried of having a queen that didn’t lay well, but the hive appears to be growing albeit more slowly than I would like.


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2 responses to “Ramona likes to mix it up

  1. Jennifer Schaffer

    Thanks for the fun blog. Where’d you get the awesome clamps to hold the frames? I would love to get me some . . .

  2. They are a style of frame grip that Brushy Mountain Bee Supply sells. http://www.brushymountainbeefarm.com/Frame-Grip/productinfo/764/

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