Large Marge eats freezing temperatures and snow for breakfast.

After almost a week of record breaking cold temperatures in Austin, not to mention a few inches of snow, I was a little anxious on how Large Marge and the girls were holding up. Deep down inside, I know that bees are able to handle this quite well, and if cold weather killed bees off, no one in the northern parts of the U.S. could ever be beekeepers. Still, with the sun out today and much warmer weather, I did a quick check of the hive to make sure there was activity at the hive entrance. Sure enough, bees were coming and going.

Hive Activity after Week of Cold Weather

Tomorrow, I’m going to take a quick peek into the hive to make sure they still have adequate honey stores, and they are clustering well. If supplies look low, I’ll put the feeder back on to give them the food they need to make it through February.

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