Winter Blooms

The Austin winter so far has consisted of several days of freezing weather followed by several days of warm sunny days. One of the few plants in bloom right now is rosemary which grows great in Austin and tons of people have it planted in their yards. I really enjoy watching bees on rosemary blooms because the blooms are so small, and they really have to wiggle their little heads into the flowers to get the good stuff.

Bee on Rosemary

I also discovered this patch of various varieties of broccoli and cabbages gone to seed and the bees were all over it.

Broccoli and Cabbages

Here is a bee navigating its way through all the stems.

Bee in Broccoli

It is nice to know that even in late January there are still nectar and pollen sources to be had in the area. This bee is well on her way of filling up her pollen sacs.

Bee on Broccoli Flower

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  1. This DC-based beekeeper is jealous.

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