Beekeeping 101 Class

The Austin Urban Beekeeping Meetup group will be presenting a Beekeeping 101 class Saturday, February 5th at 11:00am. The class will be at the Carver Branch Library. Jim Hogg will be leading the class, and I will be helping as well. We are bringing a variety of hive types as well as all the necessary equipment needed to start your first hive.

I’m expecting a rather large turnout so we’d welcome any experienced beekeepers to join us in answering questions from the group. Hope to see you there.


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7 responses to “Beekeeping 101 Class

  1. William Shoemaker

    Oh, this is perfect! I plan on starting a hive this spring.

    So I’ve ordered my bees from BeeWeaver Apiaries and I’m getting a wishlist together on on Brushy Mountain (per the recommendation from The Backyard Beekeeper). I’m guessing you spent around $350 on equipment your first year? I’m fine with that but man, the shipping is going to be over $100… Have you found anywhere local that has the same quality of gear?

    • The shipping is pretty terrible since the items can be so big. Last summer, the Urban Beekeeping Meetup group got a deal with Dadant when folks placed a group order, and they waived shipping cost. We can bring that up in the class next Saturday to see if we can do something like that again. I also think the Williamson County Area Beekeeper Association is doing a group order with Dadant, and they are probably getting a similar deal. You may want to reach out to them.

  2. Diana

    Hi – I am newly interested in bee keeping and missed your class (which I just found by googling it). On Craig’s list I found a bee keeping class by “Top Bar Beekeeping”: Can some more-experienced people let me know if this is a good company or good class? Thanks!

  3. Jessica

    Any new classes?? My daughter and I would love to attend.

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