Bee-Z Smoker

I’ll readily admit that it took me awhile before I got the hang of lighting a smoker, but I never found it so difficult that I needed a special gadget to get it going. Maybe this product is great for commercial beekeepers who have hundreds of hives to check, but I really can’t see the justification for the urban beekeeper with just a few hives to inspect.

I guess it would be nice to just push a button and have smoke come out, but I enjoy the process of lighting the smoker. To me, the few minutes of setting up the smoker allows me to get into the inspection mindset and think through all the tasks I want to accomplish.

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  1. Gary

    It looks very cool, but I don’t know how much they would cost here in New Zealand. I suspect a lot of money that could be used elsewhere.

    I find little a small fire lit outside the smoker to get some great embers helps us keep the fire going for a long time. We have also started buring old weathered coffee sacks full of hay or saw dust. We had the smoking going for a few hours using this method.

    Enjoy your blog
    See ya….Gary

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