Top bar hive vs. Langstroth (I’ve tried both and here’s my verdict) (via mistress beek)

Back in August, I posted an opinion that I thought Langstroth hives were probably better for beginner beekeepers, but as I have never used a Top Bar Hive, it was based purely on what I had read about them. Mistress Beek has used both and has an excellent summary on how she rates the two that I think is great.

Top bar hive vs. Langstroth (I've tried both and here's my verdict) Forget beekeeping ideology, I’m a pragmatist. And here’s what I’ve come to realize about the benefits and drawbacks of top bar and Langstroth bee hives. Download the PDF version with more notes Characteristic Top Bar Hive Langstroth Notes Easy on your back A TBH is a dream for anyone with a back problems. Hive management To me, TBH requires more time to manage due to frameless combs and non-moveable boxes. Ventilation Lang hives make better use o … Read More

via mistress beek

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