Best Hive for a New Beekeeper?

At the Austin Urban Beekeeping Meetup this past weekend, there were a lot of interested folks wanting to start beekeeping, and had a lot of questions on what equipment they should buy. One participant spoke in great detail about all the benefits of using a top bar hive which I don’t disagree with, but with everything else a new beek has to learn, is the top bar hive adding another layer of complexity that someone who is just starting out may not want to deal with?

When I knew I was committed to becoming a beekeeper, I researched both the top bar hive as well as the Langstroth hive. After reading up on both, I felt that a Langstroth hive was more suited to someone starting off because there were a lot more resources and equipment readily available for the Langstroth.

I’d certainly welcome feedback from any beekeepers out there who have used one or both of these hive types. I do think there are pros and cons for each , but from a beginner’s perspective, is one easier than the other?


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2 responses to “Best Hive for a New Beekeeper?

  1. Anna

    Beek. Even better than Bee Dork.

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