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Rue Week 3

You can’t see my face in this picture, but I assure you, I have a very annoyed look.


I made the decision to switch Rue over to a top hive feeder last week even though this hive didn’t seem to have any issues with the Collins Feeder. I guess I should have stuck with the Collins because they started building comb on the bottom of the inner cover.


The good news is they still continued to draw out wax on the frames.


I still didn’t see Rue this week, but eggs and larvae were aplenty. Since 6 out of the 8 frames were drawn out, I added the second super on top. I’m hoping this extra space will encourage the girls to draw out wax in the right location this week.

Here is a shot of the hive with the new super.


Sorry Rue, Rosemary wins this week’s award for best hive.

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