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Just Add Water

A mere one week after the 2-3 inches of rain in the Austin area, we are experiencing a fall nectar flow that the girls are loving. Both of my hives have completely drawn out an 8 frame super each and have started filling them up with honey. Pollen is also plentiful and bees are returning to the hives filled to the brim with bright yellow pollen.

Full Pollen Sacs

This is a picture perfect frame from Knives’ hive of brood in the middle with capped honey on the outer edges of the frame.

Beautiful Frame of Brood and Honey

I encourage all my fellow Central Texas beekeepers to check their hives this week as you may be surprised by the amount of activity in your hives. It always amazes me how quickly bees can fill up a super with a good nectar flow so don’t be caught off guard and make sure your hive has plenty of room to accommodate this boon.

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