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Florida Bees

I’m visiting my folks in Jupiter, FL, and they have a big garden where the broccoli has flowered. Right now, it is completely covered in bees of both the native and honey bee variety. My normal perception of Florida is that it is always green and lush, but right now, there really aren’t a lot of plants in bloom so the bees are going to take what they can get.

I managed to capture two different bumble bees next to each other.
Native Bees

Here is a shot of a honey bee gathering nectar and pollen.
Honey Bee on Garden

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This is why you call the professionals…

My parents live in Florida, and sent me this article of a man who tried to smoke out a colony of bees that took residence in his home. Unfortunately, he ended up setting his house on fire and the bees are still there.

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Bees love our Antique Roses

We have a large variety of antique roses on our property and unlike hybrid roses you buy at the florist, these roses haven’t been bred to death to look a certain way with no hint of pollen or scent.

We followed this bee first trying to force its way into an unopened bud of Rosette Delizy.
Bee on Rosette Delizy

After an unsuccessful attempt on the Rosette Delizy, she decided that the Perle D’Or was more accessible.
Bee on Perle D'Or

Bee on Perle D'Or

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Macro Lens Fun!

I just received my Canon Macro 100mm lens this week, and I’m already putting it to good use. One of my neighbors has a large patch of Horse Mint in her front yard, and the bees love it. Enjoy the slide show, and I hope to get some good shots of my hive this weekend.

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