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Hive Considerations

Now is the time to start placing orders for package bees, but I thought a recap on hive placement considerations was in order.

First check three things:

  1. City Code – For Austin Residents, here is the code.
  2. Neighbor HOA and/or Covenants
  3. Your neighbors

Even if your hive location satisfies all the rules and regulations, I am of the opinion that if your neighbors aren’t cool with you having bees, you should find some place else for your hive. The decision is ultimately yours, but please at least think about what your neighbors may think especially if you live in a neighborhood where the houses are very close together. No matter what you do, your hive may swarm one season, and they may end of up in next door neighbor’s yard.

Once you are sure you can put a hive in your backyard, you’ll need to find the perfect spot. Bees hate lawnmowers and will get agitated very quickly if it is an area that will be close to someone using gas or electric lawnmowers, blowers, edgers, etc. Even if you aren’t mowing your lawn, if the hive is close to a fence line, your neighbor might be. Bees also have a tendency to fly in a straight line after leaving the hive so you’ll want to make sure the location isn’t going to cause a porch or deck to be in the hive’s flight path.

When I was considering the location of my first hive, I originally wanted to have it in my own backyard, but my neighbors were not too thrilled with having a hive right next door. It was probably a blessing in disguise that they initially said no. They have since said they would be fine with it, but with the lot sizes in our neighborhood (i.e. small), and the number of folks who would be mowing around the hive, it probably would have not ended well.

Remember, it is easier to move a hive that doesn’t have bees in it yet 🙂


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