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I Can Has High Five?

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The Most Adorable Bee Ever!

This little bee spent over ten minutes trying to work her way into this antique rose to get to the delicious center.

Adorable Bee on Rose

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An Open Letter to Tropical Storm Don

Dear Don,

It is not too late to swing north and bring Austin some rain. We are really hot and would love to have some flowers bloom. You have no idea what it is like to wake up every morning to thousands of hungry babies. We can’t even hear ourselves think anymore with all the racket.

Marge & Knives

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Ramona vs. Knives Commemorative Super

With Queen Knives recent ascension to power, our whole evil-ex super concept got thrown off. We will still add the evil-ex supers as needed, but decided to pay respects to Ramona by creating a super that depicts the epic battle between Ramona and Knives from the comic. We like to think this is what went down in the hive as well.

Ramona vs. Knives Commemorative Super

Thanks to the camera team for their drawing, inking, and lettering skills.

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Seriously covered in bees!

This contest pitted two Chinese beekeepers against each other to see who could attract the most bees.

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The Art of Hive Placement

Fellow Austin blogger and gardener extraordinaire Pam Penick recently visited an amazing Dallas garden. While the overall garden is pretty amazing, the photo that grabbed my attention was this herb “bed” complete with bedside tables. It is a very cute idea although as they add supers to the hive, they will look less like bedside tables and more like bedside armoires.

Here is a closer look at the beehive bedside tables complete with a doily and small potted succulent.


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Worker Bee Honey T-Shirt

Last year, I had a bunch of t-shirts made with the artwork I had done for my honey label. I’ve since had several folks ask where they could get a t-shirt of their very own so I’ll soon be placing another order. The t-shirts are cheaper the more I have made so I thought I’d see if any of my blog readers would like one. Let me know if you are interested and once I get a final count, I’ll have a better idea on price. I think last time I got them around $15-20 a shirt. We can figure out size and such later.

Update: If we get 25 shirts made, it is a straight $10 per shirt. Since we always have folks wanting one, we are just going to go ahead and order 25. If you are interested, please let me know size and style based on these links.

Unisex or Women’s cut.

Here are some photos so you can imagine how dead sexy you’ll look.

Worker Gitanjali

Worker Karl


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What big eyes you have…

In my opinion, there aren’t too many cute insects, but I think bees make the cut.

What big eyes you have!

It always boggles my mind when people mistake wasps for bees.

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BeeSweet Lemonade

A friend of mine sent me this article from the the Westlake Picayune. Mikala Ulmer, a first-grader at Trinity Episcopal School in West Lake Hills, will be selling her special, award-winning lemonade Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. at a stand on the corner of Sixth Street and Lamar Boulevard.

Mikaila will donate 20 percent of the profits from her lemonade sales that day to the Texas Beekeeper’s Association to help save the honey bees. I’m going to try my best to get downtown to buy a cup.

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Bread Makes You Fat?!?

With the new package showing up in a few weeks, we are busy prepping the site and equipment for the new queen. As a huge fan of the Scott Pilgrim comic series (and the subsequent movie), the photography/artistic unit have been expending their energies drawing/inking/lettering the 7 evil exes on the hive supers. Here is a snap shot of the progress so far, and I’ll be adding photos in the upcoming weeks of the final results.

Queen Ramona Flower's New Hive

Obviously the new queen’s name will be Queen Ramona Flowers.

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