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Honey Dispensers

Now that we have quite a bit of honey stored up for the winter, we needed a practical dispenser for every day use. My brother gave me a really beautiful sterling silver honey jar shaped like a beehive, but it doesn’t hold a lot of honey, and it is really too nice for just everyday use in the kitchen.

My wife did some research on the interwebs, and found this article about various dispensers. She ended up getting me the WFM Satin Steel and Glass Honey Dispenser as a Christmas gift. Not only does it have a nice streamlined design, we have already put it to the test, and it passed with flying colors. It didn’t drip at all after pouring and holds about 1 cup of honey.


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Sage and Honey Skillet Cornbread

I’m a huge fan of cornbread covered in honey. I really like this recipe because it uses a lot of honey as an ingredient in the cornbread for extra honey flavor.

(photo by: Kana Okada)

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Chocolate Bees!

We just returned from a two week vacation to India and France. Our last 5 days were spent in Paris. Since Paris has a huge beekeeper population, I was hoping to find some evidence of hives while we explored the city, but I did not have any luck.

However, I did not leave empty handed because of a trip to Patrick Roger Chocolatier. He is known for having amazing window displays made entirely of chocolate, and it was almost like he knew I was coming because his current display is all about the bees.

Patrick Roger Chocolatier

Giant Chocolate Hive

Chocolate Bees

Chocolate Bees on Comb

Chocolate Bees

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