Don’t call it a comeback…

So 2019 didn’t happen with starting my hives again. The house we were building wasn’t quite ready yet especially the area where the hives would go. So I had to punt on 2019 and wait until 2020, and I wasn’t going to let a little something like a global pandemic stop me. If you are interested in the house we built, you can head over to my other blog and check it out.

I have two hives set up on the far end of the area where we plan on having a small fruit orchard of twelve trees.


On the opposite end is where our raised garden and green house is situated.

Descendant 8

The hope is our hives will help pollinate our orchard as well as whatever is growing in the garden.

The install was straightforward. Once again, the hardest part is just getting the dang syrup can out of the package. After that, it is just shake shake shake.

I haven’t named my queens yet and I’m open to suggestions although I’m leaning toward Queen Quarantine as one. I’m excited to have hives again, and I’m looking forward to chronicling their progress in our new home.

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