R.I.P. Sunshine Hive

After two requeening attempts, the hive I moved from Sunshine Gardens is officially no more. I arrived last Saturday to a flurry of activity at the entrance. As I moved closer, I found a large number of dead bees on the landing board which is never a good sign. Upon opening the hive, it was clear that this already weak hive had been robbed. The only bees remaining were removing what little there was left of the honey and pollen and flying off.

It is always a terrible feeling to lose a colony, but I tried my best to save it, and sometimes that just isn’t good enough. I still have one remaining hive so I’ll be able to concentrate my efforts on making this one a successful as possible.


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4 responses to “R.I.P. Sunshine Hive

  1. Sorry to hear this. You did your best for them. Wishing you better luck with your remaining hive.

  2. Holly Medina

    Keep your head up and continue to work on your existing hive. Remember this is a chance to learn. It just means your next hives will be stronger! Maybe you could catch a swarm to fill the empty hive with now.

  3. Margaret B.

    I have a huge amount of bees in my backyard that I wish would go away because I want to use the area and I’m afraid of them. Would you want to come look at them (I’m in NW Austin)? I can send you a photo if you prefer.

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