Flat Stanley Wants to Visit You!

I really meant to get this going when Flat Stanley visited our hives a few months ago, but better late than never I say.

Since Gitanjali took so much time drawing out Flat Stanley as a beekeeper, it seems like a shame not to send him around the globe. So if anyone is interested in hosting Flat Stanley at their own hive, please leave a comment and we can exchange address information. If you are interested, I’d only ask for the following things:

  1. Be willing to have a blog post with some pictures of Flat Stanley at your hive with some interesting facts about beekeeping in your state or country.
  2. If you don’t have a blog, send me some photos and a little write up which I’ll post to my blog
  3. Be willing to mail Flat Stanley on to the next beekeeper

Flat Stanley is looking forward to visiting all of you.

Flat Stanley's Texas Visit


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15 responses to “Flat Stanley Wants to Visit You!

  1. I would love to have Flat Stanley for a visit. He would be very welcome to join us in London for cake and tea.

  2. Hi,
    A wet and windy hello from the Isle of Wight. I’ve got a beekeeping and honey shop and Flat Stanley is very welcome to come and meet everyone here. I haven’t got a blog but he can make a guest appearance on the website. http://www.bee-garden.co.uk
    Depending on the time of year he might be able to come along to one of the island’s shows or festivals.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Hazel, thanks for offering to host Flat Stanley! I already have another English beekeeper lined up first, but it then should be a short trek for his next leg of his journey. I’ll probably wait another month before sending him over the pond to hopefully get some nicer weather for a visit. Please send me your address to karl.w.arcuri@gmail.com. Thanks again!

  3. Talking With Bees

    How are the bees? Due to some poor advice and Laying Workers I don’t have any bees at present. Hoping to that an early swarm lands nearby.

  4. BeekeeperEric

    We’d love to have Flat Stanley come up to Fairview, Alberta, Canada to help check our hives, and maybe check out the canola bloom (mid July). He would make a guest appearance on beekeepereric.wordpress.com and maybe have a chance to meet the students in the only year-long commercial beekeeping program in the Western Hemisphere.


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  6. How about a visit Down Under? I’m a newish beekeper in Australia in the Sydney Basin just moving to a farm where there are about 50 hives, 24 (+/-) I’ll be helping care for. If that’s not enough for Flat Stanley to look at, I can take him to visit my 3 chickens. He’d get his very own post on my blog http://laurarittenhouse.wordpress.com/ and you could see him enjoying being upside down on the right half of the planet.

  7. Boorinakis Harper Ranch

    What a great idea! If Flat Stanley is still on the road, and if he’d like to visit California, we’d be delighted to show him around our farm and bee yard!

  8. Dear Flat Stanley, you are cordially invited to say ‘Bonjour’ to our honey bees, who will very shortly be making the most of the beautiful sunflower fields, here in sunny south-west France. And your holiday snaps would be posted on http://www.sticktoplanbee.com. Do say ‘oui’!

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