What’s going on behind that capped cell?

During the last honey extraction, while inspecting the frames to kill any small hive beetles still lurking about, I noticed one lone capped brood cell in a frame otherwise filled with capped honey. I carefully removed the developing bee since I didn’t want it in the honey.

Once the cell has been capped, the metamorphosis is well on its way and it is very obvious now that this is a bee in the making.

Honey Bee Larva

Honey Bee Larva

Honey Bee Larva

Of course, these great macro shots just don’t happen by themselves. The Worker Bee Honey team uses the latest photography techniques and exotic reflective materials to bring you these fantastic photos. Here is a behind the scene shot of the state of the art facility used.

Behind the scenes bee shoot


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3 responses to “What’s going on behind that capped cell?

  1. charltonestatetrust

    So that’s how you take fantastic photographs! Your secret is out! Well done, great blog!

  2. The detail is amazing, makes looking at this almost-bee quite sad – the antennae and legs are so well formed, she just lacks colour. Like your high-tech equipment!

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