Dial H for Honey

I’m convinced that Baab-Brock farms is ideally situated for creating massive honey producing machines. Even during the drought last year, the two hives I had were able to gather enough honey for their own winter stores.

I always tell folks not to expect honey their first year as a beekeeper as a general rule of thumb. Rue has decided to break all those rules and pack away honey like it is going out of style. She has seriously filled up three supers worth of the stuff.

Here’s a frame of honey.
Honey Frame

And another.
Honey Frame

Oh look, here is another one.
Honey Frame

Not to be outdone, Knives 2.0 has refilled her honey super that I harvested less than 3 weeks ago.

Honey Frame

I’m planning on a massive honey harvest this upcoming weekend because these hives are about to be taller than I am. Rue is already at 6 supers, and I’ll need a ladder soon if she keeps on growing. I can’t believe this hive started in April.

Rue's Hive with 6 Supers


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5 responses to “Dial H for Honey

  1. WOW!!! That is so awesome! We’re getting a fair amount over here too… but not stacking up the supers like you are!

  2. Impressive stuff! Very jealous.

  3. How do you like that frame holder? Are you able to lift a frame out of the hive after working it with the hive tool?

    Our hives are 7 boxes tall, and your pictures made me look forward to our soon-to-be honey harvest.

    Is one of your hives really named Knives? That appeals to me, actually, because I am a chef!! 🙂 Nice one.

  4. Love the artwork on the front of the white hive. Oh, and envious of the harvest too ;-)) Enjoy!!!

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