I can almost taste the honey!

All the rain in Austin has kept the area green and blooming for the past few months. Rue’s bees are coming back to the hive almost white they are covered with so much pollen.

Rue White Pollen

We suspect it is bindweed, but who knows. Regardless, the bees certainly seem to love it and are bringing tons of it back to the hive.

I was able to take the feeder off of Rue’s hive as well as remove the entrance reducer. She is starting to store away the stuff so that tells me the hive is bringing in plenty from the outside world. She is also laying beautiful frames of brood.

Rue Brood Pattern

The most exciting news is over with Knives 2.0. They are packing away the honey in the upper supers. Here is a frame of uncapped honey.

Knives 2.0 Uncapped Honey

Here is a frame where they are already capping it off.

Knives 2.0 Capped Honey

I only have 2 bottles of honey left from spring 2011 so it will be fantastic to pull some honey off my one established hive. I’m not counting on any honey from Rosemary and Rue unless we have a rainy summer. We shall see as the season progresses, but after last year’s drought, we’ll be thankful for any excess liquid gold they can produce.

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