Busy as a Bee

I had a full day checking on my hives before heading over to Hope Farmers Market for Lemonade Day. My first stop was Sunshine Community Gardens to check in on Rosemary who is now officially on my bad list.

Rosemary driving me crazy

This hive loves building comb in the wrong spots. Even though the 1st super still only has about 5 frames of drawn out comb, I went ahead and added a 2nd super to hopefully encourage them to build comb somewhere other than the inner cover. I may come back mid-week to see how they are progressing.

Next stop was Baab-Brock farms to take a look at Rue’s hive. This hive is doing fantastic with great brood patterns.

Rue with excellent brood

The 2nd super is almost all filled out as well so she may be getting her 3rd super as soon as next week.

After all the hard work of inspecting the hives, Gitanjali and I were able to treat ourselves to some delicious homemade lemonade. Here is Mikaila taking care of all her thirsty customers.

Mikaila Ulmer on Lemonade Day

The lemonade struck the perfect balance between tart and sweet. The only bad part was it didn’t last that long.

Karl enjoying some Beesweet Lemonade

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