Rosemary Week 3

Rosemary did much better with the top hive feeder after last week’s disaster with the Collins Feeder. When I opened up her hive on Sunday, there was only one little piece of comb.


After last week’s setback, I was pleased to see 4 full frames of drawn out comb. This hive had also drawn out frames 1-4 which I’ve never seen before. Usually bees will work up from the middle and getting the frames in position 1 and 8 drawn out can be difficult.

Rosemary Frame

Rosemary Frame

I hope they continue this good behavior and draw out frames 5-8 this week. My fears of killing Rosemary were also unfounded as these frames were full of eggs and larvae. This hive is back on track.

I also had to refill the chicken waterer I’m using as a water source for the bees. I really doubt Rosemary’s hive used all this water so something tells me other creatures may be using it.

Bee Water

Switching feeders was definitely the way to go. Either that or Rosemary heard she got some negative press last week and was doing her best to impress.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear your Queen Rosemary is faring better than ours did this year 🙂 Bees are wonderful hard workers!

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