They got smarter….

Texas Spiny Lizards love hanging out by the hives as they are very quick and can usually run in during an inspection to grab a tasty bee or two in the chaos. This particular lizard has upped his game and took up residence inside the nuclear nuc.

That's not a swarm!

I placed the nuc out at Baab-Brock farms during the height of swarm season in case Marge, Knives or the feral hive in the yard next door swarmed. I sprayed the frames with some water and lemongrass oil to make it more appealing. Not a true swarm trap as I didn’t put it up in a tree, but better than nothing. No bees moved in, but one lizard made it a home. Perhaps the scout bees that found the nuc never made it back alive…

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  1. Matt H

    Texas Spiny Lizards are smart, and fast. We have one that’s about a foot living in the garage, can never catch him.

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