Bees love electricity!

Ok, so maybe they don’t love electricity, but swarms of bees do love a lot of the man made structures around homes that we use to house our electric and water meters.

My Aunt Sherry out in California had some bees take up residence at her home not too long ago. Imagine the surprise of the poor city worker who opened up this panel to read the electric meter.


Here’s a closer shot.


Luckily, she called a local beekeeper who came to remove the bees instead of destroying them. My Aunt even got to suit up and help with the removal:


Here’s the local beekeeper:


Beekeepers will often use a bee vac to suck the bees out of the hive and into a nuc or package. Here is a shot of the vac used going into a small hive.


Here is the bee vac cleaning off a piece of comb from the hive. Looks like a bunch of capped drone cells on this one.


Swarm season is in full swing in Austin right now, and we are getting a bunch of calls of swarm sightings. If you do need to report a swarm, you can refer to my page here for further information.


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3 responses to “Bees love electricity!

  1. Holly Medina

    I am new to beekeeping and really enjoy reading and learning from your blogs.

  2. Iain

    Looks like it was Buzzing with energy! 😉

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