Kauai Honey and Mead

After our visit with Matt Moore earlier in the week, we stopped by Nani Moon Mead today and met with owner Stephanie Krieger for a 5 flight mead tasting.

Stephanie produces small batches of mead using honey and fruit produced on Kauai and the other islands of Hawaii. Matt Moore is one of her suppliers of honey which made the visit to Nani Moon a nice bookend to our beekeeping adventure on Kauai.

After the tasting, we decided to go with the Winter Sun which is made with Kauai wildflower honey, starfruit, and passionfruit. Here is a picture of the mead with a bottle of Matt’s BeeWise Honey.

Mead and Honey in Kauai

Here is a video of Stephanie talking about her mead and all five varieties she produces.


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2 responses to “Kauai Honey and Mead

  1. Hey there–enjoyed your tour through Kaua’i bee land! Great photos too! My wife and I did some similar travels in July, visiting Nani Moon and Bee Wise Apiary which must be near Matt Moore’s site. The bees were amazingly aggressive; did you notice this? The honey is amazing, a tropical fruit party in your mouth. I long to return someday; thanks for the evocative posts!

    • I didn’t find the bees to be that agressive at all. We opened up 4-5 hives and they were fairly chill about it. The hives we did check were fairly small, only 2-3 supers each, so maybe they were newer and more docile. The honey is nice and now that I’m back in the colder weather, I really miss those tropical days.

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