Total K.O.!

About a month ago, I found a very obvious supersedure cell in Ramona’s hive, but the next week’s inspection found the cell gone and Ramona still in the hive. However, I never saw Ramona after that week, but always just figured she was in there somewhere. Looks like I was wrong:

New Queen Knives Chau

You can see the new queen right in the middle of the photo. Unless Ramona was able to remove her white mark, you are now looking at the new queen named Knives Chau. Happy Independence Day Knives!

Edit: It just occurred to me that the package from Bee Weaver came with a marked and clipped queen. As this queen has full length wings, it is most definitely a new queen.


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3 responses to “Total K.O.!

  1. What a beautiful queen! As sleek as Knives.

  2. WOW! Did you get a look to see if she has all of her legs? Wasn’t it the case that Ramona was missing one? That is fascinating!

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