Worker Bee Honey Label

So I finally got my labels printed for my honey jars. I ordered 1000 of these suckers mainly because the difference between 250 and 1000 is like 20 bucks.

Worker Bee Honey Jar

Thanks again to Essi Zimm for the awesome label and t-shirt design.


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6 responses to “Worker Bee Honey Label

  1. beatle

    Any chance you’d be willing to sell a jar or two with the new label? Would love to have some.

    • Let me get back to you on that. I have a waiting list of friends and family and with this year’s drought, I don’t have a ton of surplus.

      • beatle

        Thanks. As lame as it sounds, I’d settle for a couple labels. The name has some significance and it will make a sweet (lame honey pun… “honey pun?” that’s another) present.

  2. Karl, I love, love, love those labels! Nice touch.

  3. first, I LOVE those labels! second, i’m so excited i found your blog. i want to start beekeeping when I move back to austin next year and i have a feeling it’s a lot different than where i live now. i’ll be following you and trying to learn so i can hit the ground running 🙂

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