There can be only one…

So after inspecting the hive on this hot and humid day, Ramona is still the only queen I can find in the hive.


It is hard to tell without watching her move around, but this photo is the best one so far where you can see her bad leg (upper right front). It is still a mystery of what happened to the supersedure cell, but at the end of the day, the hive has accepted Ramona gimp leg and all.

I’d like to see a bit more brood in the hive, but on the frames where there is capped brood, the pattern is excellent.

Brood in Ramona's Hive

I also removed the top feeder today. It didn’t look like they took any of the honey/water mixture I added last week so I’m taking that as a sign they are getting enough in the wild. Large Marge’s hive is actually filling out the top super with honey so the rain we finally got must have kicked off a nectar flow of some sort.

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