Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class

Today I went out to Round Rock Honey to help teach an Intro to Beekeeping Class. I took the full class back in 2009 which really gave me the hands on experience I wanted to make sure beekeeping was for me. For folks interested in keeping bees, this one day class will run down the essentials of beekeeping as well as suiting up and visiting a hive. Round Rock Honey often runs a $39 special via Groupon so I recommend keeping an eye out for this deal.


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2 responses to “Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class

  1. Sarah H

    Hey Karl,

    I attended the beekeeping class yesterday and it was great! I really learned a lot, so thank you! I’m curious if you’ve heard of people having much success in keeping their bees at local community gardens here in Austin? I’m trying to find some alternatives to placement in my garden because I have pesticide-using neighbors and I’m concerned about the health of my hive if I started one there, but my neighborhood does have a wonderful community garden where I could potentially put my hive. I’d have to get creative to make sure the hive wasn’t tampered with in the garden – have you heard of others doing this?


    • I do know some community gardens do have bees or at least had them in the past. I got in touch with Sunshine Community Garden in March to inquire about putting a hive there, but they already had a beekeeper lined up.

      I’m not sure you would have to do much to prevent tampering or at least I would hope that people in the garden wouldn’t mess around with the hive. Plus I’m sure the garden would want the hive on the outskirts to minimize interaction.

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