Did Jurassic Park Teach us Nothing?

The BBC is reporting that scientists have developed a technique to “switch off” genes in the Varroa mite which is a major pest of honeybees. They hope this technique will eventually be used to force the mites to “self-destruct”.

I’ve sung Bee Weaver’s praises before, but they stopped treating for Varroa mites over 15 years ago. They lost a lot of their hives initially, but over time, natural selection created the right combination of behaviors to cope with this pest. To me, this is a better method (along with good Integrated Pest Managment (IPM) techniques) for coping with Varroa mites then trying to genetically engineer your way to a solution.

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  1. I LOVE Bee Weaver and have used their queens in my splits last summer, so of my five hives, three will be Bee Weaver stock (if they survive the winter with my novice skills). I am really looking forward to putting them to the test this spring for production and gentleness. If all works out, I think I will make a few nucs to sell locally, queened with bees from their apiary rather than fumble around with my own queen rearing (although I expect curiosity will get the better of me). I expect that the Weaver nucs will sell at a premium. Now if i can just get my wife to be a little more supportive of my hobby, and cash investments in it!!!!

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