Bee City Short Film

This is a really nice video about New York City beekeepers that I found courtesy of Bee Brooklyn.


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3 responses to “Bee City Short Film

  1. We have a similar problem with laws in the District that have driven beekeepers underground (or more fairly, to the rooftops). Currently my hives are completely hidden from view, but there are new homes going up across the street that tower over ours, and I am concerned that new buyers, or the real estate agents selling to them, will feel uncomfortable about those hives and report me. The good news is that at least our laws are ambiguous about bees rather than prohibitive…but we lack the lobby or inertia (yet) to get regulatory reform. If anyone can direct me to sources of material that best delineate and articulate the arguments in favor of allowing urban beekeeping, that would be a start. Thanks.

  2. I figured since there was a hive at the White House, it was legal in D.C. Just tell them Michelle Obama said it was fine.

    • In this city that just might work!

      Karl, do me a favor if you don’t mind…I’ve been frustrated by the rather scant postings on beekeeping blogs. You are kind enough to share and updated your blog regularly but you are a rare find. I’ve been pretty good about regular updates also and would love to drive a little more traffic and feedback to my blog. Would you mind putting a link to it on your site?


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