Pollen Analysis – Breakdown

I meant to post this earlier, but here is the official breakdown of pollen in the honey sample I sent in.

Pollen Taxa Count %
ASTERACEAE (sunflower-type) 1 0.5%
BORAGINACEAE (borage) 1 0.5%
FABACEAE (legumes) 1 0.5%
LAMIACEAE (mint) 2 0.9%
Lagerstroemia (crepe-myrtle) 162 75.3%
Ligustrum (privet) 17 7.9%
LILIACEAE (lily family) 7 3.3%
Melilotus (clover) 3 1.4%
Prosopis (mesquite) 20 9.3%
Unknown pollen 1 0.5%
Totals 215 100%  



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5 responses to “Pollen Analysis – Breakdown

  1. Bee Cam Matt

    Does this mean you can call your honey “Crepe Myrtle Honey”? Doesn’t it have to consist of 75% or more of one particular type of honey?

  2. The report I received said that unifloral honey had to be at least 45% from one source.

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  4. Doug

    Can you describe the honey, in terms of taste, color, etc.? I’m interested because I’ve been trying to figure out it the honey I’ve gotten from my backyard is predominantly Crepe Myrtle or something else. It’s very distinct and unique for sure.

  5. The Crepe Myrtle honey had a very light color. It was more sweet than the darker honey I pulled off later in the season with a definitive floral taste. It also wasn’t as thick as the darker honey. Hope that helps.

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