Week 16 Activities

It was another hot Saturday today, but at least the humidity was about half of what it was last weekend. The bees were much calmer today which makes me think they didn’t like the hot sticky weather last weekend anymore than I did.

The girls had sucked the feeder dry for the second week in a row. I had planned on checking the syrup level mid-week, but it rained all week which ruled out opening the hive. I think the weather is rain free for the near future so I’ll hopefully be able to check the feeder at least once before next week’s full inspection.

On the plus side, I really think feeding the bees is helping out in the wax production department. I was pleased to see comb on the previously empty frames, and in the case of the photo below, they are even able to raise brood in small section.

Comb on Frame

It’s not 100% fully drawn, but I’ll take progress at this point. I wish I had started feeding in early July, but hindsight is 20/20.

Comb on Frame

I also got an extra treat of seeing Large Marge in the 2nd super. I even managed to get some video with my iPhone that I’ll post later. Everything else was business as usual. I’m still finding small hive beetles, but I have yet to find any evidence of comb destruction (knock on wood) so the girls are keeping them in check. All in all, a good inspection and a healthy hive.

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