Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage!

Beehives are communal affairs inside the hive and the same goes for all the folks outside the hive. I’m lucky to have so many people interested in this beekeeping adventure, and who are willing to lend their support and cameras to document this effort. I have not one but two camera crews plus an ever rotating group of friends and neighbors interested in the entire process.

Setting up the tripod because bees are constantly moving around and closeups require a steady hand.

Setting up shots

Gitanjali smartly dressed in her best bear colors taking some shots from afar.

Gianjali shooting the hive

Everyone pitching in to check for blasted beetles.

Checking the Beetle Blaster

Even Chicken and Ostrich like being out during the beekeeping activities and do their part to eat potential pests.

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One response to “Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage!

  1. Looks like a rockin’ party! Glad to see neighbors in on the fun too.

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