Need to move your bee hive? Here’s the lazy way. (via mistress beek)

This topic came up at the Austin Urban Beekeeping Meetup gathering this past Sunday. Hopefully, I will not have to move too many of my hives, but if I do, I’m going to try this method first.

Need to move your bee hive? Here's the lazy way. Inspired by Bush Bees, we decided to ignore the standard admonition about losing bees if you moved your hive more than 2 feet but less than 2 miles. (The rule of thumb is that if you’re moving your bees across the yard more than 2 feet, you’ll need to move them temporarily out 2 miles away so they don’t fixate on the old location.) Too much damn work. Instead, when a neighbor seemed fearful about a hive near his fence, we happily offered to move … Read More

via mistress beek

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