You’ve been nematoded!

Beneficial nematodes are an organic non-chemical way to control pests in your garden. For beekeepers, they can play an important part in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for controlling the small hive beetle. I have found several of these pests in my hive, and while a strong hive can handle them, weaker hives can be taken down if the infestation gets out of control. To give my hive every chance of success, I decided to spread nematodes around my hive as the beetle larvae pupate in the soil outside the hive. Luckily today was the perfect day since a cold front moved through Austin last night, and the weather this morning was overcast and in the 70’s. Nematodes do not like heat so it is best to apply them when the temperature is under 80 degrees. You can usually find nematodes at your local nursery especially if they cater towards more organic gardening practices.

Since the package I bought will treat 9000 square feet, I also spread them through my veggie garden and in my plant beds. Nematodes will also attack ants, fleas, and other garden pests.

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  1. I have also ordered some nematodes, and a couple of other things, such as the Freeman Beetle trap. I talked to him on the phone yesterday. I lost four hives last week and it TOOK a week to clean up the mess with a power washer and bleach. My one remaining hive has a queen, a new hive and frames, and is starting over in JULY for goodness sake. Check this out for some of my solutions:

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