Week 3 Mid-Week Syrup Check

I went to check the top hive feeder early last evening, and I am glad that I did. One side was almost empty, and the other was also very low. I don’t think the girls really liked me opening the top of the hive so close to sundown, and I had a few dive bombers in my face. I didn’t bother with the smoker since I was just filling the feeder, and I wasn’t technically opening up the hive. The suit did its job and I didn’t get stung.  In reality, there only seemed to be a few angry bees, and the rest of the hive will be thankful not to run out of syrup before I get back this weekend to do a more thorough inspection of the hive.


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2 responses to “Week 3 Mid-Week Syrup Check

  1. I use the boardman feeder, that way you know the syrup level etc..
    Here is a picture.

  2. I looked into those, but I found a lot of information against them due to an increased likelihood of robbing by other bees and insects (ants). Have you experienced any of those issues?

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