Local Austin Farms

At the Dai Due Supper Club event this past weekend at Boggy Creek Farms, I was a bit surprised to hear they did not keep any bees on their property. We also had some folks from Rain Lily Farms at our table, and they did not have bees either.

The Austin Chronicle just did an article on four local farms in Austin (which includes the two I mentioned above), and I would be interested in seeing if the other two have bees on their land or not. With the exception of catching a swarm or moving an existing hive to the property, it is too late now to get bees to start a new hive, but I may reach out to them next year to see if they are interested in having  a hive or two on their farm. I would definitely like to expand the number of hives I have in the future, and this would seem like a win/win for all parties involved.

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