April 13th Syrup Check

I checked the syrup levels today, and the girls had made a pretty good dent in what I put in the top hive feeder Saturday morning. Since I’ll be checking the queen cage this upcoming weekend, I added an additional 128 fluid ounces of syrup which should be more than enough to get them through the next four days.

Taking pictures through a veil is going to take some getting used to, but here is a fairly decent shot of how a top hive feeder works. The bees come up from the medium super below through the middle and then take syrup from either side. The wooden slats you see actually float on the liquid to give the bees a perch to take in the syrup. However, it looked liked most of the bees just hung on to the side of the entrance to suck up the sweet sweet syrup.

Top Hive Feeder

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