April 10th and 11th Record Keeping

It is a good idea to keep note of your colony’s activities and progress so here is my first entry in that regard:

April 10-11:

  • Hived package from Bee Weaver Apiaries. 3 lb. package with marked Queen (aka Large Marge)
  • Hive entrance facing west
  • New 8 frame supers and 6-1/4 Black Superframes from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
  • April 10th – upper 50’s in the morning but near 80 by mid afternoon
  • April 11th – misty and cool in the morning and overcast all day. Highs in the mid 70’s
  • Blooming flowers in immediate area: Spiderwort, Crossvine, Eve’s Necklace. Typical Texas wildflowers blooming 2-3 mile radius
  • 64 oz of sugar syrup in top hive feeder on April 10th
  • Bees completely non-agressive and easy to handle

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