To Bee or Not to Bee

After my last post about native bees, I decided to see if I could photograph some in my garden. Today started out sunny, and there were tons of insects flying around the Carolina Jessamine which is a native vine currently blooming here in Austin.

I managed to get this picture, and it took me awhile to identify this little guy. I’m pretty sure this is a Green Orchid Bee.

Green Orchid Bee

I first thought it was a fly of some kind, but Google images supports my theory. I’m open to suggestions if folks think it is something else entirely.

I also managed to get a few decent shots of honey bees taking advantage of the warmer weather. Here is a honey bee with full pollen sacs.

Bee on Jasmine

And here is a nice bee butt shot as she is chowing down on some sweet nectar.

Bee Butt

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