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More clues on Colony Collapse Disorder

A joint research team between military scientists and¬†entomologists have identified a tag team combination of a fungus and a virus that are both present in collapsed colonies. It may not be the smoking gun, but I’m always glad to read that research continues and progress is being made.

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Fall Honey Harvest

The rains in August and September have made Austin green again and the fall nectar flow is on. I decided to do one last honey harvest before winter given the amount of available blooms that should be present at least for the month of October if not early November.

I was completely spoiled by using the bee escape for my first two harvests in early summer. For this harvest, I had two supers mostly filled with honey but wanted to mix and match frames to make sure I only took ones with completely capped honey so I had to use a bee brush to clear off the bees. By the end, they were not please with me at all. No stings, but a lot of angry buzzing around my head and the entire yard. I even had to put the chickens back in their coop in a full bee suit due to some unhappy girls.

I had two helpers for this harvest. The across the street neighbors have two young boys who were very interested in the process.

Even Harley wanted to share in the honey harvest and by sharing I mean making a bed out of my bee suit and gloves.

Harley wants to beekeep when she grows up

This honey was very different from the late spring/early summer harvest. From my previous post on the pollen analysis, the early honey (on the right) was primarily crepe myrtle, very light and clear, with a low viscosity. This harvest was a lot darker honey (on the left) and much more viscous with a richer flavor.

Dark fall honey vs light spring honey

There is a slight chance I’ll get some more honey if this flow continues, but either way, I had a great first year, and the next steps will be preparing the hive for the winter months.


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Former Jayhawk wins genius grant for her work with bees

I thought this was an interesting article.

Former Jayhawk wins genius grant for her work with bees.

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